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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Malachi 2

1 a He speaketh vnto them chiefly, but vnder them he conteineth the people also.

1 ! Threatenings against the Priests being seducers of the people.

2 b To serve me according to my worde.

3 e You boast of your holines, sacrifices and feastes, but they shal turne to your shame, and be as vile as dongue.

4 f The Priests objected against the Prophet that he colde not reproue them but he must speake against the priesthode, and the office established of God by promes, but he sheweth that the office is nothing sclandered, when these vilenes, & dongue are called by their owne names.

5 h I prescribed Leui a certeine Law to serve me.

5 i He served me & set forthe my glorie with all humilitie and submission.

5 g He sheweth what were the two conditions of the couenant made with the tribe of Leui, on Gods parte, that he would giue them long life & felicitie, and on their parte, that they shulde faithfully serve him according to his worde.

6 k He sheweth that the Priest oght to haue knowledge to instruct other in the worde of the Lord.

7 l He is as the treasure house of Gods worde and oght to giue to euerie one according to their necessitie, and not to reserve it for him self.

7 m Shewing, that whosoeuer doeth not declare Gods wil, is not his messenger, and Priest.

10 n The Prophet assuseth the ingratitude of the Jewes toward God and man: for seing they were all borne of one father Abraham, and God had elected them to be his holie people, they oght nether to offend God nor their brethren.

10 o Whereby they had bounde them selves to God to be an holie people.

11 p The haue joyned them selves in mariage with them that are of another religion.

13 r Ye cause the people to lament because that God doeth not regarde their sacrifices, so that they seme to sacrifice in vaine.

14 s This is another faute, whereof he accuseth them, that is, that they brake the lawes of mariage.

14 u She that was joyned to thee by a solemne couenant, and by the invocation of Gods Name.

14 t As the one halfe of thy selfe.

15 x Did not God make man and woman as one flesh and not many?

15 y By his power & vertue he colde haue made many women for one man.

15 z Suche as shulde be borne in lawful and moderat mariage wherein is no excesse of lustes.

15 a Conteine your selves within your boundes, and be sober in minde, and bridle your affections.

16 c He thinketh it sufficient to kepe his wife stil, albeit he take others, and so as it were couereth his faute.

16 b Not that he doeth allowe diuorcement, but of the two fautes he sheweth, which is the lesse.

17 e In thinking that God fauored the wicked, and hathe no respect to them that serve him.

17 f Thus they blasphemed God in condemning his power and justice, because he judged not according to their fantasies.

17 d Ye murmured against God, because he heard not you ass one as you called.