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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Malachi 4

1 a He prophecieth of Gods judgements against the wicked, who would not receiue Christ when as God shulde send him for the restauration of his Church.

1 ! The day of the Lord, before the which Eliah shulde come.

2 c Ye shalbe set at libertie and increase in the joye of the Spirit, {2 Cor. 3,17}.

2 b Meaning, Christ who with his wings or beames of his grace shulde lighten, & comfort his Church, {Ephe. 5,14}, and he is called the sunne of righteousnes, because in him self he hathe all perfection, and also the justice of the father dwelleth in him: whereby he regenerateth vs into righteousnes, clenseth vs from the filth of this worlde, and reformeth vs to the image of God.

4 d Because the time was come that the Jewes shulde be destitute of Prophets vntil the time of Christ, because they shulde with more fervent mindes desire his coming, the Prophet exhorteth them to exercise them selves diligently in studying the Lawe of Moses in the meane season, whereby they might continue in the true religion and also be armed against all tentations.

5 f Which as it is true for the wicked, so doeth it waken the godlie and call them to repentance.

5 e This Christ expoundeth of John Baptist, {Mat. 11,13}, who bothe for his zeale, & restoring of religion is aptly compared to Eliah.

6 h The seconde point of his office was to denounce Gods judgements against them that wolde not receiue Christ.

6 g He sheweth wherein Johns office shulde stand: in the turning of men to God and joyning the father & children in one vnitie of faith: so that the father shal turne to that religion of his sonne which is converted to Christ, and the sonne shal imbrace the faith of the true fathers, Abraham, Izhak and Jaakob.