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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Haggai 1

1 b Because the buylding of the Temple began to cease by reason that the people were discouraged by their enemies: & if these two notable men had nede to be stirred vp and admonished of their dueties, what shal we thinke of other gouernours whose doings are ether against God, or very colde in his cause?

1 ! The time of the prophecie of Haggai.

1 a Who was the sonne of Hystaspis, and the third King of the Persians, as some thinke.

2 c Not that they condemned the building thereof, but thei preferred policie, & priuate profite to religion being content with smale beginnings.

4 d Shewing that they soght not onely there necessities, but their very pleasures before Gods honour?

6 e Consider the plagues of God vpon you for preferring your policies to his religion and because ye seke not him first of all.

8 f Meaning, that they shulde leaue of their owne commodities, and go forwarde in the buylding of Gods Temple and in the setting forthe of his religion.

8 g That is, I wil heare your praiers according to my promes, {1 King. 8,21}.

8 h That is, my glorie shal be set forthe by you.

12 k This delared that God was the autor of the doctrine and that he was but the minister, as {Exod. 14:31, judg. 7,20}, Act 15,28}.

14 l Which declareth that men are vnapt and dul to serve the Lord, nether can thei obey his worde or his messengers before God reforme their hearts & giue them new spirits, {Joh. 644}.