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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Haggai 2

1 ! He sheweth that the glorie of the seconde Temple shal exceade the first.

4 a For the people according as {Isa, 32,11 & ezek. 41,1} had prophecied, thoght this Temple shulde haue bene more excellent then Salomons Temple, which was destroied by the Babylonians, but the Prophets ment the spiritual Temple, the Church of Christ.

7 c He exhorteth them to pacience thogh they se not as yet this Temple so glorious as the Prophets had declared: for this shulde be accomplished in Christ by whome all things shulde be renued.

8 d Meaning Christ whome all oght to loke for and desire: or by desire, he may signifieth all precious things as riches and suche like.

9 e Therefore when his time cometh, he can make all the reasures of the worlde to serve his purpose: but the glorie of this seconde Temple doeth not stand in material things nether can be buylt.

10 f Meaning all spiritual blessings and felicitie purchased by Christ, {Phil. 4:7}.

13 g That is, the flesh of the sacrifices: whereby he signifieth that that thing, which of it self is good, can not make another thing so: and therefore they oght not to justifie them selves by their sacrifices and ceremonies: but contrary he that is vncleane and not pure of heart, doeth corrupt those things & make them detestable vnto God which els are good and godlie.

16 h Consider how God did plague you with famine afore you begain to buylde the Temple.

19 k From the time they began to buylde the Temple, he promiseth that God wolde blessed them: & albeit as yet the frute was not come forthe, yet in the gathering they shulde haue plentie.

20 i He exhorteth them to patience and to abide til the harvest came, and then they shulde se Gods blessing.

22 m I wil make a change and renue all things in Christ, of whome Zerubbabel here is a figure.

23 n Hereby he sheweth that there shalbe no let or hinderance when God wil make this wonderful restitution of his Church.

24 o Signifying that his dignitie shulde be nost excellent which thing was accomplished in Christ.