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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zephaniah 3

3 b They are so griedy that they eat vp bones and all.

5 c The wicked thus boasted that God was euer among them, but the Prophet answereth that that can not excuse their wickednes: for God wil not beare with their sinnes: yet that he did paciently abide and sent his Prophetes continually to call them to repentance, but it profited nothing.

6 d By the destruction of other nations he sheweth that the Jewes shulde haue learned to feare God.

7 e They were moste earnest & ready to do wickedly.

8 f Seing ye wil not repent, you shal loke for my vengeance aswel as other nations.

9 g Lest any shulde thinke them that Gods glorie shulde haue perished when Judah was destroyed, he sheweth that he wil publish his grace through all the worlde.

10 h That is, the Jewes shal come aswel as the Gentiles: which is to be vnderstand vnder the time of the Gospel.

11 i For they shal haue ful remissions of their sinnes: and the hyprocrites which boasted of the Temple, which was also thy pride in time past, shalbe taken from thee.

15 l As the Assyrians, Caldeans, Egyptians, and other nations.

15 m To defende thee as by thy sinnes thou hast put him away and left thy selfe naked, as {Exod. 32,25}.

17 n Signifying, that God deliteth to shewe his loue and great affection toward his Church.

18 o That is, them that were had in hatred and reuiled for the Church and because of their religion.

19 p I wil deliuer the Church which now is afflicted, as {Micah 4,6}.

19 q As among the Assyrians, and Caldeans which did mocke them and put them to shame.