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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zephaniah 2

1 a He exhorteth them to repentance & willeth them to descend into them selves & gather them selves together, lest they be scattered like chaffe.

1 ! He moueth to returne to God.

3 b That is, which haue liued vprightly & godly according as he prescribeth by his worde.

4 c He comforteht the faithful in that that God wolde change his punishments from them vnto the Philstims their enemies and other nacions.

5 ! Prophecying destruction against the Philistems, Moabites & others.

5 d That is, Galilea: by these nacions he meaneth the people that dwelt nere to the Jewes and instead of friendship were their enemies: therefore he calleth them Canaanites whome the Lord appointed to be slaine.

7 e He sheweth why God wolde destroy their enemies, because their countrei might be a resting place for his Church.

8 f These nacions presumed to take from the Jewes that countrey which the Lord had giuen them.

11 g When he shal deliuer his people and destroy their enemies and idoles, his glorie shal shine throughout all the worlde.

14 / Or, hedgehogge.

15 i Meaning, Nineueh, which rejoycing so muche of her strength and prosperitie, shulde be thus made waste & Gods people deliuered.