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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 7

1 ! A complaint for the smale nomber of the righteous.

1 a The Prophet taketh vpon him the persone of the earth, which complaineth that alll her frutes are gone, for that none is left: that is, that there is no godlie man remaining: for all are giuen to crueltie & deceit, so that none spareth his owne brother.

2 b He sheweth that the prince, the judge and the riche man are linked together, all to do euil, and to cloke the doings one of another.

3 d These men agre among themselues & conspire with one consent to do euil.

3 c That is, the riche man that is able to giue money, absteineth from no wickednes nor injurie.

4 f Meaning of the Prophetes & gouernours.

4 e They that are of moste estimation and counted moste honest among them, are but thornes & briers to picke.]

7 g The Prophet sheweth that the onelie remedy for the godlie in desperat euils is to flee vnto God for succour.

8 h This is spoken in the persone of the Church which calleth the malignant Church her enemie.

11 i To wit, when God shal shew himself a deliuerer of his Church, and a destroyer of his enemies.

11 k Meaning, the cruel empire of the Babylonians.

12 l When the Church shalbe restored, they that were enemies afore, shal come out of all the corners of the worlde vnto her, so that nether holdes, riuers, seas nor mountaines shalbe able to let them.

13 m Afore this grace appeare, he sheweth how grieuously hypocrites them selues shal be punished, seing that the earth it self, which can not sinne, shal be made waste because of their wickednes.

14 n The Prophet prayeth to God to be merciful vnto his Church, when they shulde be scattered abroad as in solitare places in Babylon and to be beneficial vnto them as in time past.

15 o God promiseth to be fauorable to his people as he had bene afore time.

16 p They shalbe as dumme men & dare bragge no more.

16 q They shal be astonished, and afraid to heare men speake, lest they shulde heare of their destruction.

17 r They shal fall flat on the grounde for feare.

18 s As thogh he wolde not se it, but winke at it.

20 u The Church is assured, that God will declare in effect the trueth of his merciful promes, which he had made of olde to Abraham, and to all that shulde apprehende the promes by faith.