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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 6

1 a He taketh the hie mountaines and hard rockes to witnes against the obstinacie of his people.

1 ! An exhortacion to the dumme creatures to heare the judgement against Israel being vnkinde.

4 b I haue not hurt thee, but bestowed infinite benefites vpon thee.

5 c That is, remember my benefites from the begining how I deliuered you from Balaams curse, and also spared you from Shittim which was in the plaine of Moab, til I broght you into the land promised.

5 d That is, the trueth of his promes & his manifolde benefites to warde you.

6 e Thus the people by hypocrisie ask how to please God, and are content to offer sacrifices, but wil not change their liues.

7 f There is nothing so deare to man, but the hypocrites wil offer it vnto God, if they thinke thereby to auoide his anger: but they wil neuer be borght to mortifie their owne affections & to giue them selues willingly to serue God as he commandeth.

8 g The Prophet in few wordes calleth them to the obseruacion of the seconde table, to knowe if they wil obey God aright or no, saying that God hathe prescribed them to do this.

9 h Meaning, that when God speaketh to any citie or nation the godlie wil acknowledge his maiestie and consider not the mortal man that bringeth the threatening, but God that sendeth it.

14 k Thou shale be consumed with inwarde grief and euils.

14 l Meaning, that the citie shulde go about to saue her men, as they that lay holde on that which they wolde preserue.

16 m You haue receiued all the corruption and idolatrie, wherewith the ten tribes were infected vnder Omri and Ahab his sonne: and to excuse your doings, you alledge the Kings autoritie by his statutes, and also wisdome & policie in so doing, you shal not escape punishement, but as I haue shewed you great gauour and taken you for my people, so shal you plagues be accordingly, {Luke 12,47}.