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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 1

1 ! The destruction of Judah & Israel because of their idolatrie.

2 b Because of the malice, & obstinacie of the people whome he had so oft exhorted to repentance, he sommoneth them to Gods judgements taking all creatures, & God him self to witnes, that the preaching of his Prophetes, which they haue abused, shal be reuenged.

3 c Meaning hereby that God wil come to judgement against the strong cities & holdes.

5 d Samaria, which shulde haue bene an example to all Israel of true religion & justice, was the puddle, and stewes of all idolatire, and corruption, & boasted them selues of their father Jaakob.

7 g The gaine that came by their idoles, shalbe consumed as a thing of noght; for as the wages or riches of harlottes are wickedly gotten, so are they viley and spedely spent.

7 f Which they gathered by euil practices, & thoght that their idoles had inriched them therewith for their seruice vnto them.

10 i Which was a citie nere to Jerusalem {Josh. 18,23}, & signifieth dust: therefore he willeth them to mourne, & roule themselues in the dust, for their dustie citie.

10 i Which was a citie nere to Jerusalem, Josh 18,23, & signifieth dust: therefore

10 h Lest the Philistims our enemies rejoyce at our destruction.

11 l He shal not departe before he hathe ouercome you and so syou shal pay for his tarying.

11 k These were cities whereby the enemie shulde passe as he came to Judah.

12 m For Rabshakeh has shut vp Jerusalem, that thei colde not send to succour them.

13 o Thou first receiuedst the idolatrie of Jeroboam, & so didest infect Jerusalem.

13 n To flee aways for Saneherib laid siege first to the citie, & remained therein when he sent his captaines,& and armie against Jerusalem.

14 p Thou shalt bribe the Philistims thy neighbours, but they shal deceiue thee as wel as thei of Jerusalem.

15 r For so they thoght them selues for the strength of their citie.

15 q He prophecieth against his owne citie, & because it signified an heritage, he saith that God wolde send and heire to possesse it.