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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Micah 2

1 ! Threatings against the wanton & deintie people.

1 a Assone as they rsie they execute their wicked deuises of the night, and according to their power hurt others.

1 / Ebr., is so power.

4 b Thus the Jewes lament and say that theire is not hope of restitution seing their possessions are diuided among the enemies.

5 c Ye shah haue no more lands to diuide, as you had in times past, and as you vsed to measure them in the Jubile

6 e God saith, that they shal not prophecie, nor receiue no more of their rebukes nor tantes.

6 ! They wolde teache the Prophetes to preache.

6 d Thus the people warne the Prophetes that they speake to them no more: for they can not abide their threatenings.

7 g No not the godlie finde my wordes comfortable?

8 i The poore can haue no commoditie by them, but they spoyle them, as thogh they were enemies.

9 k That is, their substance, and liuing, which is Gods blessing, and as it were, parte of his glorie.

10 l Jerusalem shal not be your saue garde: but the cause of your destruction.

11 n He sheweth what Prophetes they delite in: that is, in flatteres, which tel them pleasant tales, & speake of their commodities.

13 p The enemie shal breake their gates, and walles, and lead them in to Caldea.

13 q To driue them forward and to helpe their enemies.