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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jonah 4

1 a Because hereby he shulde be taken as a false prophet, & so the Name of God, which he preached, shulde be blasphemed.

1 ! The great goodnes of God toward his creatures.

3 c Thus he praied of grief fearing lest Gods Name by this forgiuenes might be blasphemed as thogh he sent his Prophets forth to denounce his judgements in vaine.

4 d Wilt thou be judge when I do things for my glorie, and when I do not?

5 e For he douted as yet whether God wolde shewe them mercie or not and therefore after fourtie dayes he departed out of the citie, loking what yssue God wolde send.

6 f Which was a further meanes to couer him from the heat of the sunne, as he remained in his boothe.

9 g This declareth the great inconueniences wherinto Gods seruants do fall when they giue place to their owne affection, & do not in all things willingly submit themselues to God.

11 h Thus God mercifully reproueth him, which wolde pitie himself & this gourde, and yet wolde restraine God to shewe his compassion to so manie thousand people.