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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jonah 3

1 a This is a great declaration of Gods mercie that he receiueth him againse & snedeth him forth as his Prophet which had before shewed so great infirmitie.

1 ! Jonah is snet againe to Nineueh.

4 c He wnet forward one daie in the citie, & preached, & so he continued til the citie was conuerted.

5 d For he declared that he was a Prophet sent to them from God to denounce his judgements against them.

5 ! The repentance of the King of Nineueh.

7 e Not that the dumme beastes had sinned or colde repent, but that by their example man might be astonished, considering that for his sinne the angre of God hanged ouer all creatures.

8 f He willed, that the men shulde earnestly call vnot God for mercie.

9 g For partely by the threatening of the Prophet, & partely by the motion of his owne conscience he douted whether God wolde shewe them mercie.

10 h That is, the frutes of their repentance which did preced of faith which God had planted by the ministerie of his Prophet.

10 i Read {Jerem. 18, 8).