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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jonah 1

1 a After that he had preached along time in Israel: and so Ezekiel, after that for a time he had prophecied in Juda, he had visions in Babylon, {Ezek. 1,1}.

2 b For seing the great obstination of the Israelites, he sent his Prophet to the Gentiles that they might pruoke them to repentance or at least make them inexcusable: for Niniueh was the chief citie of the Assyrians.

3 e Which was the hauen, and porte to take shiping thither, called also Joppe.

3 d Whereby he declared his weaknes, that wolde not promptly follow the Lords calling, but gaue place to his owne reason, which persuaded him that he shulde nothing at all profite there, seing he had done so smale good among his owne people, {Chap. 4,1}.

3 c For as autors write, it conteined in circuit about eight & fortie male & had a thousand and fyue hundreth towres, and at this time there were an hundreth & twentie thousand children therein {Chap 4, 11}.

3 ! Jonah fled when he was sent ot preache.

3 f From that vocation whereunto God had called him, and wherein he wolde haue assisted him.

4 ! A templest ariseth, and he is cast into the sea for his disobedience.

5 g As one that wolde haue cast of this care, and solicitude by seking rest and quietnes.

6 h As they had called on their idoles, which declareth that idolaters haue no stay nor certeintie, but in their troubles seke thei can not tel to whome.

7 i Which declared that the matter was in great extremitie, and doute, which thing was Gods motion in them for the trial of the cause: and this may not be done but in matters of great importance.

14 k This declareth that the very wicked in their necessities flee vnto God for succour, and also that they are touched with a certein feare to shead mans blood, where as they knowe no manifest signe of wickednes.

16 l They were touched with a certeine repentance of their life past, and began to worship the true God, by whome they sawe them selues so wonderfully deliuered: but this was done for feare and not of a pure heart and affection, nether according to Gods worde.

17 m Thus the Lord wolde chastise his Prophet with a moste terible spectacle of death & hereby also confirmed him of his fauour and support in this his charge which was injoined him.