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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jonah 2

1 a Being now swallowed vp of death, and seing no remedy to escape, his faith brast out vnto the Lord knowing that out of the very hel he was able to deliuer him.

2 b For he was now in the fishes belly as in a graue or place of darkenes.

4 c This declared what his prayer was, & how he laboured betwene hope and despayre, considering the neglect of his vocation & Gods judgements for the same: but yet in the end faith gate the victorie.

6 d Thou has deliuered me from the belly of the fishes & all these dangers, as it were raising me from death to life.

8 e They that depend vpon any thing saue on God alone.

8 f Thei refuse their owne felicitie & that goodnes which they shulde els receiue of God.