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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joel 2

1 a He sheweth the great judgements of God which are at hand except thei repent.

1 ! He prophecieth of the comming and crueltie of their enemies.

2 b Of affliction and trouble.

3 d The enemie destroieth our plentiful countrei wheresoreuer he cometh.

6 e Thei shalbe pale and blacke for feare, as {Nahum 2,10}.

10 g Read, {Isa. 13, 20}, {ezek 32,7}, {chap. 3,1} & {3,15}, {math. 24,29}.

11 h The Lord shal stirre vp the Assyrians to execute his judgements.

13 i Mortifie your affections and serue God with purenes of heart and not with ceremonies.

14 k He speaketh this to stirre vp their slothfulnes, and not that he douted of Gods mercies, if thei did repent. How God repenteth read, {Jere., 18,8}

16 l That as all haue sinned, so all maie shewe forthe signes of their repentance, that men seing the children, which are not fre from Gods wrath, might be the more liuely touched with the consideration of their owne sinnes.

18 m If thei repent, he sheweth that God wil preserue & defende them with a moste ardent affection.

20 o Called the salt sea or Persian sea: meaning that thogh his armie were so great, that it filled all from this sea to the sea called Mediterraneum, yet he wolde scatter them.

23 p That is, suche as shulde come by juste measure & as was wont to be sent when God was reconciled with them.

28 r As they had visions, and dreames in old time, so shal they now haue clearer reuelations.

28 q That is, in greater abundance and more generally then in time past: and this was fulfilled vnder Christ, when as Gods graces, and his Spirit vnder the Gospel was abundantly giuen to the Church, {Isa 44, 3}, {act, 2,17}, {joh. 7, 38}.

30 f He warneth the faithful what terrible things shulde come, to the intent that thei shulde not loke for continual quietnes in this worlde, & yet in all these troubles he wolde preserue them.

31 t The order of nature shal seme to be changed for the horrible afflictions that shal be in the worlde, {Isa, 13, 10}, {Ezek. 32, 7}, {chap. 3, 15}, {mat 24, 29}.

32 u Gods judgements are for the destruction of the infideles, and to moue the godlie to call vpon the Name of God, who wil giue them saluation.

32 x Meaning hereby the Gentiles, {Rom. 10, 13}.