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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joel 1

2 ! He exhorteth the people to prayer, and fasting for the miserie that was at hand.

2 a Signifying, the Princes, the Priests, and the gouerners.

2 b He calleth the Jewes to the consideration of Gods judgements, who had now plagued the frutes of the grounde of the space of foure yere, which was for their sinnes, & to call them to repentance.

5 c Meaning, that the occasion of their excesse and drunkennes was taken away.

6 d This was another plague wherewith God had punished them when he stirred vp the Assyrians against them.

8 e Mourne grieuously as a woman, which hathe lost her housband, to whome she hathe bene maried in her youth.

9 f The tokens of Gods wrath did appeare in his Temple in so muche as Gods seruice was left of.

10 g All comfort and substance for nourishment is taken away.

13 h He sheweth that the only meanes to auoide Gods wrath, & to haue all things restored is vnfained repentance.

15 i We se by these great plagues that vtter destruction is at hand.