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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 8

1 ! The destruction of Judah and Israel, because of their idolatrie.

1 a God incourageth the Prophet to signifie the spedie coming of the enemie against Israek, which was once the people of God.

2 b They shal crye like hypocrites, but not from the heart, as their dedes declare.

4 c That is, Jeroboam, by whome they soght their owne libertie, and not to obey my wil.

6 e Meaning, the calfe was inuented by them selues, and of their fathers in the wildernes.

7 f Shewing that their religion hathe but a shewe, and in it self is but vanitie.

9 g They neuer cease but runne to and from to seke helpe.

10 h That is, for the tribute which the King and the princes shal lay vpon them: which meanes the Lord vseth to bring them to repentance.

12 i Thus the idolaters counte the worde of God as strange in respect of their owne inuentions.

13 k Saying, that they offer it to the Lord, but he accepteth no seruice, which he him self hath not appointed.