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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 7

1 a Meaning, that there was no one kinde of vice among them, but that they were subject to all wickednes, bothe secret & open.

3 b Thei esteme their wicked King Jeroboam aboue God, & seke but how to flatter, and please him.

4 c He compareth the rage of the people to a burning ouen which the baker heateth stil til his dowe be leauened, and raised.

5 d They vsed all riot & excesse in their feasts & solemnities, whereby their King was ouercome with surfet, & broght unto diseases and delited in faltteries.

7 e By their occasion God hathe depriued them of all good rulers.

8 f That is, eh contersaiteth the religion of the Gentiles, yet is but as a cake baked on the ons side, & raw on the other, that is, nether through hote nor through cold, but partely a Jewe, and partely a Gentil.

9 g Which are a token of his manifolde afflictions.

11 h That is, without all judgement, as they that can not tel whether it is better to cleaue onely to god, or to seke the helpe of man.

12 i According to my curses made to the whole congregation of Israel.

13 k That is, diuers times redemed them, and deliuered them from death.

14 m They onely seke their owne comoditie and welth, and passe not for me their God.

14 l When they were in affliction, & cryed out for paine, they soght not vnto me for helpe.

16 n Because they boast of their owne strength, and passe not what they speake against me and my seruants, {Psal. 73,9}.