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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 6

1 a He sheweth the people howe they oght to turne to the Lord, that the might call backe his plagues.

2 b Thogh he correct vs from time to time, yet his helpe wil not be farre of, if we returne to him.

4 c You seme to haue a certeine holines, & repentance, but it is vpon the sudden, and as a morning cloude.

5 d I haue stil laboured by my Prophets, & as it were framed you to bring you to amendement, but all was in vaine: for my worde was not meat to fede them but a sworde to slay them.

5 e My doctrine which I taught thee, was moste euident.

6 f He sheweth to what scope his doctrine tended that they shulde joyne the obedience of God, & the loue of their neighbour with outwarde sacrifice.

8 h Which was the place where the Priests dwelt, and which shulde haue bene best instructed in my worde.

11 i That is, doeth imitate thine idolatrie, and hathe taken graffes of thy trees.