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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 5

1 a The Priests & princes catched the poore people in their snares as the foulers did the birds, in these two high mountaines.

2 c Thogh I admonish them continually by my Prophetes.

2 b Notwithstanding they semed to be giuen altogether to holines, & to sacrifices, which here he calleth slaughter in contempt.

3 d They boasted them selues not onely to be Israelites, but also Ephraimites, because their King Jeroboam came of that tribe.

7 f That is their children are degenerat, so that there is no hope in them.

7 g Their destruction is not farre of.

8 h That is, all Israle comprehended vnder this parte, signifying that the Lords plagues shulde pursue them from place to place til they were destroyed.

9 i By the successe thei shal know that I haue surely determined this.

10 k Thei haue turned vp side downe all political order, and all maner of religion.

11 l To wit, after King Jeroboams commandement & did not rather follow God.

13 m In stead of seking for remedie at Gods hand.

13 ! The helpe of man is in vaine.

13 n Who was King of the Assyrians.