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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 1

1 b So that may be gathered by the reigne of these foure Kings, that he preached aboue threscore yere.

1 a Called also Azariah, who being a lepre was deposed from his kingdome.

1 ! The time wherein Hosea prophecied.

2 c That is, one that of long time hathe accustomed to play the harlot: not that the Prophet did this thing in effect, but he sawe this in a vision, or els was commanded by God to set forthe vnder this parable or figure the idolatrie of the Synagogue, & of the people her children.

2 ! The idolatrie of the people

3 d Gomer signifieth a consumption or corruption, & Diblaim clusters of figges, declaring, that they were all corrupt like rotten figges.

4 f I wil be reuenged vpon Jehu for the blood that he shed in Izreel: for albeit God stirred him vp to execute his judgements, yet he did them for his owne ambition, & not for the glorie of God, as the end declared: for he buyld vp that idolatrie, which he had destroyed.

4 e Meaning, that they shulde be no more called Israelites, of the which name they boasted, because Israel did preuaile with God: but that they were as bastards, & therefore shulde be called Izreelites, that is, scattered people, alluding to Izreel, which was the chief citie of the ten tribes vnder Ahab where Jehu shed so muche blode, {2 King. 10, 8}.

5 g When the measure of their iniquitie is ful, and I shal take vengeance and destroye all their policie and force.

6 h That is, not obteining mercie: whereby he signifieth that Gods fauour was departed from them.

6 i For the Israelites neuer returned, after that they were taken captiues by the Assyrians.

7 k For after their captiuitie he restored the miraculously by the meanes of Cyrus, {Ezr. 1,1}

10 m Because thei thoght that God colde not haue bene true in his promes except he had preserued them, he declareth, that thogh they were destroied yet the true Israelites, which are the sonnes of the promes, shulde be without nomber, which stand bothe of the Jewes, and the Gentiles, {Rom. 9, 26}.

11 n To wit, after the captiuitie of Babylon when the Jewes were restored: but chiefly this is referred to the time of Christ, who shulde be the head bothe of the Jewes and Gentiles.

11 ! Christ is the head of all people.

11 o The calamitie, and destruction of Izreel shalbe so great, that to restore them shalbe as a miracle.