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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 2

1 a Seing, that I haue promised you deliuerance, it remaineth that you incourage one another to imbrace the same, considering that ye are my people on whome I wil haue mercie.

1 ! The people called to repentance.

2 b God sheweth that the faute was not in him but in their synagogue and their idolatries, that he forsoke them {Isa, 50, 1}

2 c Meaning that there idolatrie was so great, that they were not ashamed, but boasted of it, Ezek. 16, 25.

3 d For thogh this people were as an harlot for their idolatries, yet he had left them with their apparel and dowrie and certeine signes of his fauour, but if they continued stil, he wolde vtterly destroy them.

3 ! He sheweth their idolatrie and threateneth them except they repent.

3 e When I broght her out of Egypt, {Ezek. 16, 4}.

5 g Meaning the idoles which they serued & by whome thei thoght they had welth and abundance.

6 h I wil punish thee that then you maiest trye whether thine idoles can helpe thee, & bring thee into suche streitnes, that thou shalt haue no lust to play the wanton

7 i This he speaketh of the faithful, which are truely conuerted, and also sheweth the vse and profite of Gods rods.

8 k This declareth that idolaters defraude God of his honour when thei attribute his benefites to thier idoles.

9 l Signifying that God wil take away his benefites when man by his ingratitude doeth abuse them.

10 m That is, all her seruice, ceremonies and inuentions whereby she worshipped her idoles.

13 o By sheweing how harlotes trimme them selues to please others, he declareth how the superstitious idolaters set a great parte of their religion in decking them selues on their holie dayes.

13 n I wil punish her for her idolatrie.

14 p By my benefites in offring her grace and mercie, euen in the place where she shal thinke her self destitute of all helpe and comfort.

15 q Which was a plentiful valley, and wherein they had great comfort when they came out of the wildernes, as {Josh. 7, 18}, and is called the dore of hope, because it was a departing from death, and an entrie into life.

15 r She shal then praise God as she did when she was deliuered out of Egypt.

16 s That is, mine housband, knowing that I am joyned to thee by an inuiolable couenant.

16 t That is, my master: which name was applied to their idoles.

17 u No idolatrie shal once come into their mouthe, but they shal serue me purely according to my worde.

18 x Meaning, that he wil so blesse them that all creatures sahl fauour them.

21 z Then shal the heauen desire raine for the earth which shal bring forthe for the vse of man.