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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Daniel 9

1 b For Cyrus led with ambition, were about warres in other countries, and therefore Darius had the title of the kingdome, thogh Cyrus was King in effect.

1 a Who was also called Astyages.

3 d He speaketh not of that ordinarie praier, which he vsed in his house thrise a day, but of a rare and vehement prayer, lest their sinnes shulde cause God to delay the time of their deliuerance prophecied by Jeremiah.

3 ! Daniel desireth to haue that performed of God, which he had promised concerning the returne of the people from their banishment in Babylon.

4 e For thogh he was an excellent Prophet, yet he daily increased in knowledge by reading of the Scriptures.

4 e That is, hast all power in thy selfe to execute thy terrible judgementes against obstinate sinners, as your art riche in mercie to comfort them, which obey thy worde & loue thee.

4 / Ebr. him.

7 f He sheweth that whensoeuer God punisheth, he doeth it for juste cause: and thus the godlie neuer accuse him of rigour as the wicked do, but acknowledge that in themseluse there is juste cause, why he shulde so intreat them.

7 / Ebr. (???) of face.

8 g He doeth not excuse the Kings because of their autoritie, but praieth chiefly for them as the chief occassions of these great plagues.

10 h He sheweth that they rebell against God, which serue him not accourding to his commandement & worde.

11 i As {Deu. 27, 15} or the curse confirmed by an other.

16 k That is according to all thy merciful promiese and the performance thereof.

17 m That is, for thy Christs sake in whome you wilt accpet all our praiers.

18 n Declaring that they godlie flee onely vnto Gods mercies and renounce their wone workes when they seke for remission of their sinnes.

19 o Thus he colde not content him selfe with any vehemencie of wordes: for he was so led with a feruent zeale considering Gods promes, made to the citie in respect of his Church & for the aduancement of Gods glorie.

21 ! Gabriel the Angel, expoundeth vnto him the vision of the seuentie weekes.

24 p He alludeth to Jeremiahs prophecie, who prophecied that their captiuitie shulde by seuentie yeres: but now Gods mercie shulde seuen folde exced his judgement, which shuld be foure hundreth & ninetie yeres, euen to the comming of Christ, & so then it shulde continue for euer.

24 ! The anointing of Christ.

24 r To shewe mercie and to put sinne out of remembrance.

24 q Meaning Daniels nacion, ouer whome he was careful.

25 t Counting from the sixt yere of Darius who gaue the second commandment for the building of the Temple, are 62 weekes, which make 439 yeres, which comprehend the time from this building of the Temple vnto the Baptisme of Christ.

25 / Ebr. in streightes of time.

25 ! The buylding againe of Jerusalem.

25 s From the time that Cyrus gaue them leaue to departe: and these wekes make 49 yere, whereof 46 are referred to the time of the building of the Temple, & 3 to the laying of the foundacion.

26 x He shal seme to haue no beautie, nor to be of anie estimacion, as {Isa. 53,2}.

26 y Meaning, Titus Vespasians sonne, who shulde come and destroy bothe the Temple and the people without all hope of recouerie.

26 ! The death of Christ.

26 u In this last weeke of the seuentie shal Christ come and preache and suffer death.

27 z By the preaching of the Gospel he confirmed his promes, first, to the Jewes, and after to the Gentiles.

27 a Christ accomplished this by his death and resurrection.

27 b Meaning that Jerusalem and the Sanctuarie shulde by vtterly destroyed for their rebellion against God and their idoolatrie: or some read that the plagues shalbe so great that they shal all be astonied at them.