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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Daniel 10

1 ! There appeareth vnto Daniel a man clothed in linen,

1 a He noteth this third yere, because at this time the building of the Temple began to be hindered by Cambyses Cyrus sonne, when the father made warre in Asia minor against the Scythians, which was a discouraging to the godlie, and a great feare to Daniel.

1 b Which is to declare that the godlie shulde not hasten to muche, but paciently to abide the yssue of Gods promes.

4 d Begin caryed by the spirit of prophecie to haue the fight of this riuer Tygris.

4 c Called Abib, which conteineth parte of Marche & parte of April.

5 e This was the Angel of God, which was sent to assure Daniel in this prophecie that followeth.

8 f The worde also signifieth comelines, or beautie, so that for feare he was like a dead man for deformitie.

10 g Which declareth that when we are stricken downe with the maiestie of God, we can not rise excpet he also lift vs vp with his hand, which is his power.

13 h Meaning Canbyses who reigned in his fathers abience, & did not onely for this space hinder the building of the Temple, but wolde haue farther raged, if God had not sent me to resist him, & therefore haue I staied for the profite of the Church.

13 i Thogh God colde by one Angel destroy all the worlde, yet to assure, his children of his loue, he sendeth forthe double power euen Michael, that is Christ Jesus the head of Angels.

14 k For thogh the Prophet Daniel shulde end and cease, yet hhis docrtine shulde continue til the comming of Christ for the comfort of his Church.

16 l This was the same Gngel that spake with him before him before in the similitude of a man.

16 m I was ouercome with feare and sorowe, when I sawe the vision.

19 n He declareth hereby that God wolde be merciful vnto the people of Israel.

19 o Which declareth that when God smiteth downe his children, he doeth not immediatly lift them vp at once (for now the Angel had touched him twise) but by little and little.

20 p Meaning that he woulde not onely him self bridle the rage of Cambyses, but also the other Kings of Persia by Alxander the King of Macedonia.

21 q For this Angel was appointed for the defense of the Church vnder Christ, who is the head thereof.