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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 13

1 ! The worde of the Lord against false prophetes, which teache the people the counsels of their owne hearts.

2 a After their owne fantasie, and not as hauing the reuelation of the Lord, {Jere, 23, 16}

5 c He speaketh to the gouernours and true ministers that shulde haue resisted them.

7 d Ye promised peace to this people & now ye se their destruction so that it is manifest, that ye are false prophetes.

9 e That is, in the boke of life, whereing the true Israelites are writen.

10 g Where as the true Prophetes prophecied the destruction of the citie to bring the people to repentance, the false Prophetes spake the contrarie & flattered them in their vanities, so that what one false prophet said, (which is here called the buylding of the wall) another false Prophet wold affirme, thogh he had nether occasion nor good ground to beare him.

15 h Whereby is ment what soeuer man of him selfe setteth forthe vnder the autoritie of Gods worde.

18 i These supersticions women for lucre wolde prophecie & tel euerie man his fortune, giuing the pillowes to leane vpon & kerchefes to couer their heades, to the intent they might the more allure them and bewitch them.

19 l These forcerers made the people beliue that they colde preserue life of destroy it, and that it shulde come to euerie one according as thei prophecied.

19 k Wil ye make my worde to serue your bellies?

20 m That is, to cause them to perish, & that thei shulde departe from the body.

22 n By threatening them that were godly, & vpholding the wicked.