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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 14

1 a He sheweth the hypocrisie of the idolaters, who wil dissembel to heare the Prophetes of God thogh in their heart thei follow nothing lesse, then their admonitions, and also how by one meanes, or other God doeth discouer them.

3 b Thei are not only idolaters in heart, but also worship their filthie idoles openly, which lead them in blindnes, and cause them to stumble, and cast them out of Gods fauour, so that he wil not heare them when thei call vnot him, read {Jerem 10,15}

4 d As his abomination hathe deseruded: that is, he shal be led with lies according as he delited therein {2 Thess 2,10}

4 ! The Lord sendeth false prophets for the ingratitude of the people.

4 c To inquire of things which the Lord hathe appointed to come to passe.

5 e That is, conuince, them by their owne conscience.

9 f The Prophet declareth that God for mans ingratitude raiseth vp false Prophetes to seduce them that delite in lies rather then in the trueth of God, & thus he punisheth sinne by sinne, {I King. 22, 20} and destroieth aswel those Prophetes as that people.

11 g Thus Gods judgements against the wicked are admonicions to the godlie to cleaue vnot the Lord, and not to defile them selues with like abominations.

14 i Thogh Noah and Job were now aliue, which in their time were moste godlie men (for at this time Daniel was in captiuitie with Ezekiel) and so these thre together shulde pray for this wicked people, yet wolde I not heare them read {Jere. 15,1}.

14 k Meaning, that a very fewe (which he calleth the remant, {verss 22) shulde escape these plagues whome God hathe sanctified and made righteous, so that this righteousnes is a signe that thie are the Church of God, whome he wolde preserue for his owne sake.

22 ! He reserueth a smale portion for his Church.