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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 9

1 ! The destruction of the citie.

2 c Signifying that the Babylonians shulde come from the North to destroye the citie and the Temple.

2 d To marke them that shulde be saued.

3 e Which declared, that he was not bound thereunto, nether wolde remaine anie longer, then there was hope that they wolde returne from their wickednes, & worship him aright.

3 / Or, thresholde.

4 / Or, marke with Tham.

4 f He sheweth what is the maner of Gods children, whome he marketh to saluation: to wit, to mourne, and crye out against the wickednes, which they se committed against Gods glorie.

6 g Thus in all his plagues the Lord preserueth his smal nombre, which he marketh as {Exod 12,22}, {reuel 7, 3} but the chief marke is the Spirit of adoption wherewith the heart is sealed vp to life euerlasting.

6 h Which were the chief occasion of all these euils, as {Chap. 8,11}.

8 i This declareth, that the serunates of God haue a compassion, when they se his judgements executed.

8 ! A complaint of the prophet for the destruction of the people.

9 k That is, whith all kinde of wickednes, read {Isa. 1, 15}.