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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 8

1 b Which comteined parte of August, & parte of September.

1 ! An appearance of the similitude of God.

3 ! Ezekiel is broght to Jerusalem in the spirit.

3 / Ebr, in the visions of God.

3 d Meaning, that he was thus caryed in spirit, and not in bodie.

3 e Which was the proche or the court where the people assembled.

3 f So called because it prouoked Gods indignation, which was the idole of Baal.

5 h That is, in the court where the people had made an altar to Baal.

6 ! The Lord sheweth the Prophet the idolatries of the house of Israel.

6 i For God wil not be where idoles are.

10 k Which were forbidden in the Law, {Leuit. 11}.

11 l Thus they that shulde haue kept all the rest in the feare, & true seruice of God, were the ring leaders to all abominations, & by their example pulled others from God.

12 n For besides their commune idolatrie, they had particular seruice, which they had in secret chambers.

14 o The Jewes write that this was a Prophet of the idoles, who after his death was once a yere mourned for in the night.

17 p Declaring that the censings, and seruice of the idolaters are but infection and vilenie before God.