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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 1

0 & Midi, or the South.

0 & I. K. L. M. The facion of the foure faces of euerie beast.

0 & A. The whirlwinde that came out of the North, or Aquilon.

0 & B. The great cloude.

0 & C. The fyre wrapped about it.

0 & D. The brightnes about it.

0 & The forme of the foure beastes.

0 & G. Their fete like calues fete.

0 & H. Hands comming out from vnder their wings.

0 & N. Their wings joyned one to another.

0 & P. Fyre running, among the beastes.

0 & Q. Wheles hauing eueir one foure-faces.

0 & R. The rings of the wheles which were ful of eyes.

0 & The firmament like vnto chrystal.

0 & T. The throne, which was set vpon the firmament,

0 & V. Where fate like the appearance of a man.

0 & X. The appearance of amber aboue, and benethe the man.

0 Z The brightnes of fyre like the raine bowe.

0 Y The fyre about him.

0 & E. The likens of amber, or the pale colour.

1 ! The time wherein Ezekiel prophecied and in what place.

1 * After that Jehoiachin by the counsel of Jeremiah & Ezekiel had yelded him self to Nebuchadnezzar, and so went into captiuitie with his mother & diuers of his princes & of the people, certeine begane to repent and murmur that thei had obeid the Prophets counsel, as thogh the thing which thei had prophecied shulde not come to passe, & therfore their estate shulde be stil miserable vnder the Caldeans. By reason whereof he confirmeth his former prophecies, declaring by new visions & reuelations shewed vnto that citie shulde moste certeinly be destroied, & the people grieuously tormented by Gods plagues, insomuche that thei that remained, shulde by broght into cruel bondage. And left the godlie shulde dispaire in these great troubles, he asureth them that God wil deliuer his Church at his time appointed, and also destroie their enemeies which ether afflicted them or rejoyced in their miseries. The effect of the one and the other shulde chiefly be performed vnder Christ, of whome in this boke are many notable promises, and in whome the glorie of the new Temple shulde perfectly be restored. He prophecied these things in Caldea at the same time that Jeremiah prophecied in Judah, and there begain in the fifty yere of Jehoiachins captiuitie.

1 a After that the boke of the Law was founde, which was the eightenth yere of the reigne of Josiah, so that fiue & twentie yeres after this boke was founde, Jeconiah was led awaie captiue with Ezekiel & manie of the people who the first yere after sawe, these visions.

1 b Which was apart of Euphrates, so called.

1 c That is, notable, and excellent visions, so that it might be knowen, it was no natural dreame but came of God.

3 d That is, the Spirit of prophecie, as {chap. 3,22 and 37, 1}.

4 e By this diuersitie of wordes he signifieth the fearful judgement of God, and the great afflicitons, that shulde come vpon Jerusalem.

4 / Or, pale yellow.

5 f Which were the foure Cherubims that represented the glorie of God, as {Chap. 3, 23}.

9 g The wind of the one touched the wing of the other.

10 h Euerie Cherubim had foure faces, the face of a man, & of a lyon on the right side, and the face of a bullocke, and of an egle on the left side.

13 / Ebr. whether their spirit, or wil was to go.

14 i That is, when they had excuted Gods wil: for afore they returned not, til God had changed the state of things.

14 l Which declared the swiftnes, & the fearefulnes of Gods judgements.

16 k The Ebrewe worde is tarshish: meaning, that the corlour was like the Cilician sea, or a precious stone so called.

24 m Which signified, that they had no power of them selues but onely waited to execute Gods commandment.

27 n Whereby was signified a terrible judgement toward the earth.

29 o Considering the maiestie of God, and the weaknes of flesh.