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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 21

1 ! He prophecieth that Zedekiah shalbe taken, and the citie burned.

2 a Not that the King was touched with repentance of his sinnes and so soght to God, as did Hezehiah when he sent to Isaiah, {2 King 19, 1} {isa. 37, 2}, but because the Prophet might pay vnto God to take this present plague away, as Pharaoh soght vnto Moses, {Exod. 9, 28}.

4 b To wit, from your enemies to destroye your selues.

8 d By resisting him.

9 e As a thing recouered from extreme danger, {Chap 37, 2} & {39, 18}, & {42, 5}

13 g Meaning, Jerusalem, which was buylded parte on the hil, and parte in the valley, & as compassed about with mountaines.

14 h That is, in the houses therof, which stode as thicke as trees in the forest.