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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 20

2 ! Jeremiah is smitten and cast into prison for preaching of the worde of God.

2 a Thus we se that the thing which nether the King, nor the princes nor the people durst entreprise against the Prophet of God, this priest as a chief instrument of Satan first attempted, read {Chap. 18,18}.

3 / Or, feare round aboute.

6 b Which haue suffred themselues to be a bused by thy false prophecies.

7 d Thou didest thrust me forth to this worke against my wil.

7 c Herein appeareth the impaciencie, which oftentimes ouercometh the seruants of God, when thei se not their labours to profite, and also fele their owne weaknes, read {cha. 15,18}.

7 ! He complaineth that he is a mocking stocke for the worde of God.

8 e He sheweth that he did his office in that he reproued the people of their vices & threatened them with Gods judgements: but because he was derided and persecuted for this, he was discouraged & thoght to haue ceased to preache, saue that Gods Spirit did force him thereunto.

9 ! He is compelled by the Spirit to preache the worde.

10 f Thus, the enemies conferred together to knowe what they had heard him say that they mght accuse him thereof, read {Isa. 29, 21}.

11 g Here he sheweth how his faith did striue against tentation and soght to the Lord for strength.

14 h How the children of God are ouercome in this battel of the flesh and the Spirit, and into what inconueniences thei fal til God raise them vp againe, read {Job 3, 1} and {chap. 15, 10}.

16 i Alluding to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah, {Ge. 19, 25}.

17 k Meaning, that the frute thereof might neuer come to profite.