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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 15

1 ! The Lord wolde heare no prayer for the Jewes.

1 a Meaning, that if there were anie man liuing moued with so great zeale toward the people, as were these two, yet that he wolde not grante this request, forasmuche as he had determined the contrarie, {Ezek. 14, 14}.

3 ! But threatneth to destroye them with foure plagues.

3 b The dogs, birdes & beastes shulde deuoure them, that were slaine.

4 c The worde signifieth to runne to & fro for feare, and vnquietnes of conscience, as did Kain.

4 d Not that the people was punished for the Kings sinne onely, but fot their owne sinnes also, because they consented to his wickednes, {2 King. 21, 9}.

6 e That is, I wil not call backe my plagues, or spare thee anie more.

9 i She was destroyed in the middes of her prosperitie.

10 k These are the Prophets wordes, complaining of the obstinacie of the people, & that he was reserued to so wicked a time where in also he sheweth what is the condition of Gods ministers: to wit, to haue all the worlde against them, thogh thei giue none occasion.

10 l Which is an occasion of contention and hatred.

11 m In this perplexitie the Lord comforted me & said that my last dayes shulde be quiet: & by the enemie he meaneth here, Nebuzardian the captaine of Nebuchadnezzar, who gaue Jeremiah the choise ether to remaine in his countrey, or to go whether he wolde; or by the enemie he meaneth the Jewes, which shulde afterward knowe Jeremiahs fidelitie, and therefore fauour him.

12 n As for the people thogh they semed strong as yron, yet shulde thei not be able to resist the hard yron of Babylon, but shuld be led captiues.

15 o He speaketh not this for desire of reuengeance, but wishing that God wolde deliuer his Church of them whome he knewe to be hardned and incorrigible.

16 p I receiued them with as great joye as he that is affamished eateth meat.

17 q I had nothing ado with the wicked contemners of thy worde, but lamented bitterly for thy plagues: shewing what the faithful shulde do when thei se tokens of Gods angre.

18 r And hast not assisted my according to thy promes? wherein appeareth that in the Saints of God is imperfection of faith, which rough impaciencie is oft times assailed, as {Chap. 20, 7}

19 x Conforme not thy self to their wickednes, but let them followe thy godlie example.

19 u To wit, as my mouth hathe pronounced {Chap 1, 18} & as here followeth {vers 20}.

19 s If thou forget these carnal considerations, & faithfully execute thy charge.

19 t That is, seke to winne the good from the bad.

20 y I wil arme there with an inuincible strength & constancie, so that all the powers of the worlde shal not ouercome thee.