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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 11

3 ! A curse of them that obey not the worde of Gods couenant.

3 a He calleth the Jewes to the consideraction of Gods mercies, who frely chose them, made a couenant of eternal felicitie with them, & how they euer shewed them selues rebellious & ingrate toward him & brake it on their parte, & so are subiect to the curse of the Law, {Deut. 27, 26}.

5 b Thus he speaketh in the persone of the people, which agreed to the couenant.

8 d According to his owne fantasie, andnot as my worde appointed him.

8 e Meaning, the menaces and curses conteined in the Law, {Leu. 26, 14}, {Deut. 28, 16}.

9 f That is, a general consent to rebelle against me.

10 ! The people of Judah, following the steppes of their fathers, worshippe strange gods.

11 g Because thei wil not pray with true faith & repentance, but for the smart & grief, which thei fele, {Prou. 1, 28}.

15 l Meaning, that they offer not in the Temple to God, but vpon the altars of Baal & the idoles, and so rejoyced in their wickednes.

15 ! The Lord forbiddeth Jeremiah to praie for them.

15 k My people of Israel whome I haue hethetto so greatly loued.

18 n Which went about priuely to conspire my death.

19 o Let vs destroy the Prophet & his doctrine. Some read, let vs corrupt his meat with wood, meaning, poyson.

20 p Thus he spake not for hatred, but being moued with the Spirit of God, he desireth the aduancement of Gods glorie and the verifying of his worde, which is by the destruction of his enemies.

21 q To wit, bothe the priests and the reste of the people: for this towne was the priests, & they dwelt in it, read {Chap. 1, 1}.

21 r Not that they colde not abide to heare God named: (for here thei wolde shewe them selues most holy) but because they colde not abide to be sharpely reproued and therefore desired to be flattered, {Isa. 30, 10}, and to be mainteined in their pleasures, {Mich. 2, 11}, and not to heare vice condemned, {Amos, 7, 12}