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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 65

1 ! The vocation of the Gentiles and the rejection of the Jewes.

1 a Meaning, the Gentile which knew not God, shulde seke after him when he had moued their hearts with his holy Spirit, {Rom. 10,20}.

2 b He sheweth the cause of the rejection of the Jewes, because they woulde not obey him for anie admonition of his Prophetes, by whome he called them continually & stretched out his hand to drawe them.

2 c He sheweth that to delite in our owne fantasies is the declining from God & the beginning of all superstition & idolatrie.

3 e Meaning their altars, which he thus nameth by contempt.

4 g Which was contrarie to Gods commandements, {Leu 11, 7}, {deut. 14, 8}

4 f To consult with spirits & to conjure deuils which was forbidden, {Deut. 18,11}

5 h He sheweth that hypocrisie is euer joyned with pride & contempt of others.

5 i Their punishement shal neuer haue end.

6 k So that the remembrance thereof can not be forgotten.

7 l Shalbe bothe punished together: and this declareth how the children are punished for their fathers fautes: to wit, when the same fautes or like are founde in them.

8 m That is, it is profitable: meaning, that God wil not destroy the faithful branches of his vineyard when he destroieth the roten stockes, that is the hyprocrites.

10 n Which was a plentiful place in Judea to fede shepe, as Acher was for cattel.

11 o By the multitude & nomber he meaneth their innumerable idoles, of whome they thoght they colde neuer haue ynough.

12 p Seing you can not nomber your gods, I wil nomber you with the sworde.

13 ! The joy of the elect and the punishment of the wicked.

13 r By these wordes, Eat & drinke, he meaneth the blessed life of the faithful, which haue alwaies consolacion, & ful contentement of all things in their God, thogh some times they lacke these corporal things.

15 s Meaning, that he wolde call the Gentiles, who shulde abhorre, euen the very name of the Jewes for their infidelities sake.

15 t Then by the name of the Jewes.

16 u By blessing, & by swearing, it ment the praising of God for his benefites, and the true worshiping of him, which shal not be onely in Judea, but through all the worlde.

16 x I wil no more suffer my Church to be desolate as in times past.

17 y I wil so alter and change the state of my Church, that it shal seme to dwel in a newe worlde.

20 z Meaning, in this wonderful restauracion of the Church there shulde be no weakenes of youth, nor infirmities of age, but all shulde be fresh, and florishing: & this is accomplished in the heauenlie Jerusalem, when all sinnes shal cease and all teares shalbe wiped away.

20 a Whereby he sheweth that the infideles and vnrepentant sinners haue no parte of this benediction.

21 b He proposeth to the faithful the blessings which are conteined in the Law, and so vnder temporal things comprehendeth the spiritual promise.