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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 55

1 b Signifying, that Gods benefites can not be froght for money.

1 a Christ by proposing his graces & gifts to his Church exempteth the hypocrites which are ful with thei imagined workes & the Epicures, which are ful with their worldelie lusts & so thirst most after these waters.

1 c By waters, wine, milke, & bread, he meaneth all things necessarie to the spiritual life, as these are necessarie to this corporal life.

2 d He reproueth their ingratitude, which refuse those things that God offreth willingly, and in the meane time spare nether cost nor labour to obteine those, which are nothing profitable.

2 e You shalbe fed abundantly.

3 f The same couenant, which through my mercie, I ratified & confirmed to Dauid that it shulde be eternal, {2 Sam. 7,13}, {act 13,34}.

5 h To wit, the Gentiles, which before thou didest not receiue to by thy people.

6 i When he offreth him self by the preaching of his worde.

7 k Hereby he sheweth that repentance must by joyned with faith, & how we can not call vpon God aright, except the frutes of our faith appeare.

8 lAlthogh you are not sone reconciled one to another & judge me by your selues, yet I am most easie to reconciled, yea I offer my mercies to you.

11 m If these smale things haue their effect, as daiely experience sheweth, muche more shal my promes which I haue made & confirmed, bring to passe the thing whichI haue spoken for your deliuerance.

12 n Read {Chap 44,23; 49,13}

13 p Of Gods deliuerance, & that he wil, neuer forsake his Church.