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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 56

1 a God sheweth what he requireth of them after that he hathe deliuered them: to wit, the workes of charitie whereby true faith is declared.

1 ! An exhortacion to judgement and justice.

1 b Which I wil declare toward you & powre into your hearts by my Spirit.

2 c Vnder the Sabbath he comprehendeth the whole seruice of God & true religion.

3 d Let none thinke himself vnmete to receiue the grace of the Lord: for the Lord wil take awaie all impediments, and wil forsake none which wil kepe his true religion & beleue in him.

5 f Thei shalbe called after my people & be of the same religion: yea vnder Christ the dignitie of the faithful shalbe greater then the Jewes were at that time.

7 g Hereby he meaneth the spiritual seruice of God, to whome the faithful offer continual thankesgiuing, yea them selues & all that they haue as a liuely & acceptable sacrifice.

7 h Not onely for the Jewes but for all others, {Matt 21,13}.

9 i Meaning, the enemies of the Church,as the Babylonians, Assyrians, &c. thus he speaketh to feare the hypocrites & to assure the faithful, that when this cometh, thei may knowe it was told them before.

10 k He sheweth that his affliciton shal come through the faute of the gouernours, Prophetes & pastors, whose ignorance, negligence, auarice & obstinacie prouoked Gods wrath against them.

10 ! Against Shepherds that deuoure their flocke.

12 l We are wel yet, and tomorowe shal be better: therefore let vs not feare the palgues before they come: thus the wicked contemned the admonitions and exhortations which were made them in the Name of God.