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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 34

1 ! He sheweth that God punisheth the wicked for the loue that he beareth toward his Church.

1 a He prophecieth of the destruction of the Edomites, and other nations which were enemies to the Church.

2 b God hathe determined in his counsel & hathe giuen sentence for their destruction.

4 c He speaketh this in respect of mans judgement, who in great feare & horrible troubles thinketh that heauen & earth perisheth.

5 d I haue determined in my secret counsel & in the heauens to destroy them til my sworde be weary with sheding blood.

5 e Thei had an opinion of holines because thei came of the Patrirke Izhak, but in effect were accursed of God & enemies vnto his Church, as the Papists are.

6 f That is bothe of young & olde, poore & riche of his enemies.

6 g That famous citie shalbe consumed as a sacrifice burnt to asshes.

7 h The mightie & riche shal be as wel destroyed as the inferiours.

9 i He alludeth to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah, {Gen. 19,24}.

11 l In vaine shal anie man go about to buylde it agine.

12 m Meaning, there shalbe nether order nor policie, nor state of commune weale.

15 o Signifying, that Idumea shulde be an horrible desolation and barren wildernes.

16 p That is, in the Lawe where suche curses are threatned against the wicked.

16 q To wit, beastes and foules.

16 r That is, the mouthe of the Lord.

17 s He hathe giyen the beastes and foules Idumea for an inheritance.