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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 35

1 a He prophecieth of the ful restauration of the Church bothe of the Jewes and Gentiles vnder Christ which shalbe fully accomplished at the last day: albeit as yet it is compared to a desert and wildernes.

1 ! The great joye of them that beliue in Christ.

2 b The Church which was before compared to a baren wildernes, shal by Christ be made most plenteous and beautiful.

2 c He sheweth that the presence of God is the cause that the Church doeth bring forthe fruite and florish.

3 d He willeth all to encourage one an other, and specially the minister to exhort & strengthen the weake, that thei may paciently abide the coming of God, which is at hand.

6 g They that were baren & destitute of the graces of God shal haue them giuen by Christ.

8 h It shalbe for the Saints of God & not for the wicked.

8 i God shal lead and guide them alluding to the bringing forthe of Egypt.

9 k As he threatened to the wicked to be destroied hereby, {Chap. 30,6}.

10 l Whome the Lord shal deliuer from the captiuitie of Babylon.