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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 33

1 ! The destruction of them, by whome God hathe punished his Church.

1 a Meaning the enemies of the Church, as were the Chaldeans, and Assyrians: but chiefly of Sanerherib, but not onely.

1 b When thine appointed time shal come that God shal take away thy power: & that which thou hast wrongfully gotten, shalbe giuen to others, as {Amos 5,11}.

1 c The Chaldeans shal do like to the Assyrians, as the Assyrians did to Israel: and the Medes, & Persians shal do the same to the Chaldeans.

2 d He declareth hereby what is the chief refuge of the faithful when troubles come to pray & seke helpe of God.

2 e Which helpedst our fathers so sone as they called vpon thee.

3 f That is, the Assyrains fled before the armie of the Chaldeans, or the Chaldeans for feare of the Medes and Persians.

3 g When thou, O Lord, didest lift vp thine arme to punish thine enemies.

4 i Meaning the Medes & Persians against the Chaldeans.

4 h Ye that as caterpillers destroide with your nomber the whole worlde, shal haue no strength to resist your enemies the Chaldeans, but shal be gathered on an heape and destroied.

7 m Whome thei of Jerusalem sent to intreat of peace.

8 n These are the wordes of the ambassadours, when thei returne from Sanherib.

9 o Which was a plentiful countei, meaning, that Sanerherib wolde destroy all.

11 q This is spoken against the enemies, who thoght all was their owne: but he sheweth that their enterprise shal be in vaine, & that the fyre, which they had kindled for others, shulde consume them.

13 r His vengeance shal be so great that all the worlde shal talke thereof.

14 s Which do not beleue the wordes of the Prophet & the assurance of their deliuerance.

16 t Meaning that God wil be a sure defence to all them that liue according to his worde.

17 x Thei shalbe no more shut in as thei were by Sancherib, but go where it pleaseth, them.

17 u Thei shal se Hezekiah deliuered from his enemies & restored to honour & glorie.

18 y Before that this libertie cometh, you shalt thinke that thour art in great danger: for the enemie shal so sharpely assaile you, that one shal cry, Where is the clarke that writeth the names of them that are taxed? another, Where is the receiuer? another shal crye for him that valueth the riche houses. but God wil deliuer you from this feare.

21 z Let vs be content with this smale riuer of Shiloah, & not desire the great streames & riuers, whereby the enemies may bring in shippes & destroy vs.

23 a He derideth the Assyrians & enemies of the Church, declaring their destruction as thei that perish by shipwracke.

23 b He comforteth the Church, & sheweth that thei shal be enrished with all benefites both of bodie & soule.