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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 32

1 ! The conditions of good rulers and officers described by the goyernement of Hezekiah, who was the figure of Christ.

1 a This prophecie is of Hezekiah who was a figure of Christ & therefore it oght chiefly to be referred to him.

1 b By judgement and justice is ment an vpright gouernement, bothe in policie & religion.

2 c Where men are wearie with trayeling, for lacke of water.

3 d He promiseth to giue the true light, which is the pure doctrine of Gods worde, & vnderstanding, and zeale of the same, contrarie to the threatings against the wicked, {Chap 6,9} & {Chap 29,10}.

5 e Vice shal no more be called vertue, nor vertue estemed by power, and riches

9 f He prophecieth of suche calamitie to come, that thei wil not spare the women & children, and therefore willeth them to take hede and prouide.

10 g Meaning, that the affliction shulde continue long, and when one yere were past, yet they shulde loke for newe plagues.

10 h God wil take from you the meanes and occasions, which made you to contemn him: to wit, abundance of worldly goods.

12 i By the teates he meaneth the plentiful fieldes, whereby men are nourished, as children with the teate: or the mothers for sorow, & leanenes shal lacke milke.

15 k That is, when the Church shal be restored: thus the Prophetes after they haue denounced Gods judgements against the wicked, vse to comfort the godlie, lest they shulde faint.

15 l The field which is now fruteful, shalbe but as a barren forest in comparison of that it shalbe then, as {Chap. 29,17} which shalbe fulfilled in Christs time: for then they that were before as the baren wildernes, being regenerate, shalbe fruteful, and they that had some beginning fo godlines shal bring forthe frutes in such abundance, that their former life shall seme but as a wildernes, where not frutes were

19 m They shal not nede to buylde it in hie places for feare of the enemies: for God wil defend it and turne away the stormes from hurting of their commodities.

20 n That is, vpon fat ground & wel watered, which bringeth forth in abundance: or in places which before were couered with waters and now made dry for your vses.

20 o The fields shal be so rancke, that they shal send out their cattel to eat vp the first croppe, which abundance shalbe signes of Gods fauour and loue towards them.