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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 5

1 ! vnder the smilitude of the vine he describeth the state of the people.

1 a The Prophet by this song doeth set before the peoples eyes their ingratitude, and Gods mercie.

1 b That is, to God.

1 c Meaning, that he had planted his Church in a place moste plentiful and abundant.

2 e In the seuenth verse he declareth what thei were.

3 f He maketh them judges in their owne cause, for as muche as it was euident that they were the cause of their owne ruine.

5 g I wil take no more care for it: meaning that he wolde take from them his worde & ministers, & all other comfortes, & send them contrarie plagues.

7 h Judgement and righteousnes are true frutes of the feare of God, and therefore in the crule oppressers, there is no religion.

7 i Of them that are oppressed.

8 k To wit, for the poore to dwell in.

9 l I haue heard the complaint, and crye of the poore.

10 m Which conteineth about ten pottels: so that euerie acre shulde but yelde one pottel.

10 n Which conteineth an hundreth pottels.

10 o An Ephah conteineth ten pottels, & is in drye things as muche as bath is in licours.

11 p That spare no peine nor diligence to followe their lustes.

11 q Which are neuer weary of their rioting and excessiue pleasures: but vse all meanes to prouoke to the same.

12 r They regarde not the prouident care of God ouer them, nor for what end he hathe created them.

13 s That is, shal certeinly go: for so the Prophetes vse to speake, as thogh the thing which shal come to passe, were done already.

13 t Because thei wolde not obey the worde of God.

14 u Meaning, the graue shal swallowe vp them that shal dye for hungre and thirst, and yet for all this great destruction it shal neuer be saciate.

17 x God comforteth the poore lambes of his Church, which had bene strangers in other contreis promising that they shulde dwel in those places againe, whereof thei had bene depriued by the fat, and cruel tyrants.

18 y Which vse all allurements, ocassions, and excuses to harden their conscience in sinne.

19 z He sheweth what are the wordes of the wicked, when they are menaced with Gods judgements, {2 Pet. 3,4}.

20 a Which are not ashamed of sinne, nor care for honestie, but are growen to a desperate impietie.

21 b Which are conteminers of all doctrine & admonition.

22 c Which are neuer weary, but shew their strength, and gragge in glottonie and drunkennes.

24 d Bothe they and their posteritie, so that nothing shalbe left.

25 e He sheweth that God had so fore punished this people, that the dumme creatures, if they had bene so plagued, wolde haue bene more sensible, and therefore his plagues must continue, til they begin to fele them.

26 f He wil make the Babylonians to come against them at his becke, and to fight vnder his standerd.

27 g They shalbe prompt, and lustie to execute Gods vengeance.

27 h The enemie shal haue none impediment.

29 i Whereby is declared the crueltie of the enemie.

30 l In the land of Judah.