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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 6

1 ! Isaiah sheweth his vocation by the vision of the diuine majestie.

1 a God sheweth not him self to man in his majestie, but according as mans capacitie is able to comprehend him: that is by visible signes, as John Baptist sawe the holie Gost in the forme of a dooue.

1 b As a judge ready to giue sentence.

1 c Of his garment, or of his throne.

2 e Signifying, that they were not able to endure the brightnes of Gods glorie.

2 f Whereby was declared that man was not able to se the brightnes of God in them.

2 d They were Angels so called, because they were of a fyrie colour, to signifie that they burnt in the loue of God, or were light as fyre to execute his wil.

2 g Which thing declareth the prompt obedience of the Angels to execute Gods commandment.

3 h This of repetition signifieth, that the holy Angels can not satisfie them selves in praising God, to teache vs that in all our liues we shulde giue our selves to the continual praise of God.

3 i His glorie doeth not onely appeare in the heauens, but through al the worlde, and therefore all creatures are bounde to praise him.

4 k Which things were to confirme the Prophet, that it was not the voyce of man: and by the smoke was signified the blindenes that shulde come vpon the Jewes.

5 l He speaketh this for two causes: the one because he was a mortal creature, and therefore had more nede to glorifie God then the Angels, did it not: and the other because the more nere that man approcheth to God, the more doeth he knowe his owne sinne, & corruption.

6 m Of the burnt offrings where the tyre neuer went out.

7 n This declareth that man can not rendre true obedience to God, til he haue purged vs.

9 o Whereby is declared that for the malice of man God wil not immediatly take away his worde, but he wil cause it to be preached to their condemnation, when as they wil not learne thereby to obey his wil, and be saued: hereby ex exhorteth the ministers to do their duetie, and answeteth to the wicked murmurers, that throught their owne malice their heart is hardened, {Mat. 13,14, Act 28,26, Rom. 11,8}.

11 p As he was moued with the zeale of Gods glorie, so was he touched with a charitable affection toward the people.

13 r For the fewnes they shal seme to be eaten vp: yet they shal after florish, as a tre, which in winter loseth his leaues, and semeth to be dead, yet in sommer is fresh, and grene.

13 q Meaning, the tenth parte: or as some write, it was reueiled to Isaiah for the confirmation of his prophecie, that ten Kings shulde come before their captiuitie, as were from vzziah to Zedekiah.