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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 17

1 a For where as were manie sacrifices, there were manie portions giuen to the people, wherewith thei feasted.

2 b That is, shal be made gouernour ouer the children.

8 c The reward hathe great force to gaine the heartes of men.

9 d He that admonisheth the prince of his faute, maketh him his enemie.

11 e By the messenger is ment suche meanes, as God vseth to punish the rebelles.

12 f Whereby he meaneth the wicked in his rage, who hathe no feare of God.

16 g What auaileth it the wicked to be riche, seing he setteth not his minde to wisdome?

17 h So that he is more then a friend, euen a brother that helpeth in timeof aduersitie.

23 l That is, secretly & out of the bosome of the riche.

24 m That is, wander to & fro & seke not after wisdome.