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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 16

1 a He derideth the presumption of man, who dare attribute to him self anie thing, as to prepare his heart or suche like, seing that he is not able to speake a worde, except God giue it him.

2 b He sheweth hereby, that man flattereth him self in his doings: calling that vertue which God termeth vice.

4 c So that the justice of God shal appeare to his glorie, euen in the destruction of the wicked.

6 d Their vpright and repenting life shal be a token that their sinnes are forgiuen.

9 e He sheweth them solie of man which which thinketh that his waies are in his wone hand: & yet is not able to remoue one sorte except God giue force.

12 g They are appointed by God to rule according to equitie and justice.

14 h That is, he findeth out manie meanes to execute his wrath.

15 i Which is moste comfortable to the drye grounde, {Deu. 11, 14}

21 k The swete wordes of consolation, which come forthe of a godlie heart.

22 l Ether that which the wicked teache others, or els it is folie to teache them that are malicious.

30 n With his whole indeuour he laboreth to bring his wickednes to passe.

31 o That is, when it is joyned with vertue: or els the elder that the wicked are, the more thei are to be abhorred.

33 p So that there is nothing that oght to be attribute to fortuen: for all things are determined in the counsel of God which, shal come to passe.