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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 5

3 a That is, an harlot which giueth her self to another then to her housband.

3 ! Whoredome forbidden,

3 b By oyle and honie he meaneth flattering and craftie intisements.

6 d She hathe euer newe meanes to allure to wickednes.

9 e That is, thy strength and goods to her that wil haue no pitie vpon thee: as is red of Samson & the prodigal sonne.

14 g Althogh I was faithfully instructed in the trueth, yet had I almoste fallen to vtter shame and destruction not withstanding my good bringing vp in the assemblie of the godlie.

15 h He teacheth vs sobrietie exhorting vs to liue of our owne labours & to be beneficial to the godlie that want.

15 ! He willeth a man to liue on his labours & to helpe others,

17 i Distribute them not to the wicked & infidelles, but reserue them for thy self, thy familie & them that are of the housholde of faith.

18 k Thy children which shal come of thee in great abundance, shewing that God blesseth mariage and curseth whoredome.

18 l Which thou didest marie in thy youth.

18 ! To loue his wife.

21 m He declareth that except man do joyne to his wife bothe in heart and in outward conuersation, that he shal not escape the judgements of God.

23 n Because he wil not giue care to Gods worde and be admonished.