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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 1

2 a That is, what we oght to knowe & followe, & what we oght to refuse.

2 b Meaning the worde of God wherein is the onelie true knowledge.

3 c To learne to submit our selues to the correction of those that are wise.

3 d By liuing justely and rendring to euery man that which apperteineth vnto him.

4 e To suche as haue not descrecion to rule them selues.

5 f As he sheweth that these parables conteining the effect of relgion as touching maners & doctrine do apperteine to the simple people: so doeth he declare that the same is also necessarie for them that are wise and learned.

7 ! Of the feare of God and knowledge of his worde

8 g He speaketh this in the Name of God, which is the vnersal Father of all creatures, or in the Name of the pastor of the Churche, who is as a father.

8 h That is, or the Church, wherein the faithful are begotten by the incorruptible sede of Gods worde.

10 i To with, the wicked, which haue not the feare of God.

10 ! We may not consent to the intisings of sinners.

11 k He speaketh not onely of the sheding of blood with hand, but of all craftie practises which tende to the detriment of our neighbour.

12 l As the graue is neuer satiat so the auarice of the wicked and their crueltie hathe none end.

14 m He sheweth whereby the wicked are allured to joyne together, because they haue euerie one parte of the spoile of the innocent.

15 n That is, haue nothing at all to do with them.

18 o He sheweth that there is no cause to moue these wicked to spoile, the innocent, but their auarice and crueltie.

19 p Whereby he concludeth that the couetous man is a murtherer.

20 r So that none can pretend ignorance.

20 ! Wisdome complaineth that he is contemned.

22 s Wisdome reproueth thre kindes of men: the foolish or simple, which arre of ignorance, and the mockers, that can not suffer to be taught, & the fooles which are drowned in worldelie lustes & hate the knowledge of godlines.

26 t That is spoken according to our capacitie, signifying that the wicked, which mocke & jest at Gods worde, shal haue the juste rewarde of their mocking.

27 u That is, your destruction, which thing you feared.

28 x Because thei soght not with an affection to God, but for ease of their owne grief.

30 y Shewing that without faith and obedience we can not call vpon God aright.

31 z They shal feele what commoditie their wicked life shal giue them.

32 a That is, the prosperitie, & sensualitie, wherein they delite.