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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 135

1 ! He exhorteth all the faithful, of what estate so euer thei be, to praise God for his maruelous workes.

2 b Meaning the people: for the people and Leuites had their courtes, which were places of the Tmple separate.

2 a Ye Leuites that are in his Sanctrarie.

4 c That is, hath frely loued the posteritie of Abraham.

6 d He joyneth Gods power with his wil, to the intent that we shulde not separat them: & hereby he willeth Gods people to depend on his power, which he confirmeth by examples.

12 e He sheweth what frute the godlie conceiue of Gods power, whereby thei se how he destryeth his enemies, & deliuereth his people.

12 ! And specialy for his graces toward his people, wherein he hathe declared his maiestie.

15 g By shewing what punishment God appointed for the heathen idolaters, he warneth his people to beware the like offence, seing that idoles haue nether power nor life, and that their deliuerance came not by idoles, but by the mightie power of God. read {psa. 115 vers. 4}

15 ! To the confusion of all idolaters and their idoles.