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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 135

1 THe Lord praise, praise ye the Lords Name:

the Lords servants o praise him ye.

2 That in the Lords house stand: the same

i'th Courts of our Gods house who be.

3 The Lords praise, for the Lord is good:

for sweet its to his Name to sing.

4 For Jacob to him chose hath God:

and Isr’el for his precious thing.

5 For that the Lord is great I know:

and over all gods, our Lord keeps.

6 All that he wills, the Lord doth do:

in heav’n, earth, seas, and all deeps.

7 The vapours he doth them constrain,

forth from the ends of th’ earth to rise;

he maketh lightning for the rain:

the wind brings from his treasuries,


8 Of Egypt he the first borne smite:

and that of man, of beasts also.

9 Sent wondrous signs midst thee, Egypt:

on Pharaoh, on all’s servants too.

10 Who smote great nations, slew great Kings:

11 Slew Sihon King of th’ Amorites,

Og also one of Bashans kings:

all kingdoms of the Canaanites,

12 And gave their land an heritage:

his people Isr’ell’s lot to fall.

13 For aye thy Name, Lord, through each age

o Lord, is thy memorial.

14 For his folks judge, the Lord is he:

and of his servants he’ll repent.

15 The heathens Idols silver be,

and gold: men’s hands did them invent.

16 Mouths have they, yet they never spake:

eyes have they, but they do’e not see:

17 Ears have they, but no hearing take:

and in their mouth no breathings be.

18 They that them make, have their likeness:

that trust in them so is each one.

19 The Lord o house of Isr’el bless;

the Lord bless, thou house of Aaron.

20 O house of Levi, bless the Lord:

who fear the Lord, bless ye the Lord.

21 From Sion blessed be the Lord;

who dwells at Salem praise the Lord.