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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 127

1 a That is, gouerne & dispose all things perteining to the famile.

1 b The publike estate of the commune welth.

1 ! He shewth that the whole estate of the worlde, bothe domestical and political standeth by Gods mere prouidence and blessing.

2 c Which watche, & warde, & are also magistrates, & rulers of the citie.

2 d Ether that which is gotten by hard labour, or eaten with grief of minde.

2 e Not exempting them from labour, but making their labours comfortable, and as it were a rest.

3 ! And that to haue children wel nurtred is an especial grace and gift of God.

4 f That is, indued with strength & vertues from God: for these are signes of Gods blessings, & not the nomber.

5 g Suche children shalbe able to stop their aduersaries mouthes, when their godlie life is maliciously accused before judges.