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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 126

1 ! This psalme was made after the returne of the people from Babylon, and sheweth that the meane of their deliuerance was wonderful after the seuentie yeres of captiuitie fore spoken by Jeremie {chap. 25, 12 & 29,10}

1 a Their deliuerance was as a thing incredible, and therefore toke awaie all excuse of ingratitude.

2 b He sheweth how the godlie oght to rejoyce, when God gathereth his Church or deliuereth it.

2 c If the infideles confesse Gods wonderful worke, the faithful can neuer shewe themselue sufficiently thankeful.

4 d It is no more impossible to God to deliuer his people, then to cause the riuers to runne in the wildernes and barren places.

6 e That is sede which was scarse & dere: meaning, that thei which trusted in Gods promes to returne, had their desire.